Senin, 28 Juli 2014

Hinch wants Qld to back sex pest register (AAP)

Broadcaster Derryn Hinch will use a meeting on Tuesday to try to convince Queensland to back his push for a US-style public sex offender register.

Hinch will meet with Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie, hoping the state will become the first in Australia to adopt his plan to name and shame sex offenders.

Hinch, who has served time for naming sex offenders, does not believe they can be rehabilitated and says secrecy is their biggest weapon when released from jail.

He's spent the past few months gathering more than 150,000 signatures on a petition backing his idea.

He says he's hopeful Queensland will be receptive to the idea, as the state reviews its dangerous sexual offender laws.

Hinch has held or will have similar meetings with other attorneys-general, as part of his model for national network of registers he believes will save children from predators.

"All states have some form of register but they are not working," he has told ABC radio.

"I've talked to senior police in Victoria and one of them admitted to me they've got 5000 names on the so-called register in Victoria and they haven't got a hope in Hades of getting around and monitoring them. Police themselves say they're not working."

Bruce and Denise Morcombe, whose 13-year-old son Daniel was murdered in 2003 by serial pedophile and child rapist Brett Cowan, support a sex offender register.

Mr Bleijie has said he's happy to meet anyone who has ideas that could improve community safety.

But one child protection advocate doesn't support a register.

Founder of Bravehearts child protection group Hetty Johnston says the continued detention of dangerous sex offenders, not a register, is the answer.

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