Rabu, 30 Juli 2014

I don*t wind them up, Hanson-Young says (AAP)

Sarah Hanson-Young dismisses claims self harm spikes when she visits immigration detention centres.AAP Sarah Hanson-Young dismisses claims self harm spikes when she visits immigration detention centres.

Sarah Hanson-Young has dismissed as a "beat-up" claims incidents of self harm spike every time she visits an immigration detention centre.

An operational brief provided by security company Serco to the immigration department says high-profile visits from politicians, such as the Greens senator, as well as lawyers and refugee advocates prompt an increase in the incidents.

The report cites a January visit by Senator Hanson-Young to Christmas Island, during which the number of incidents more than doubled to 15 from an average of about six.

The report was leaked to News Corp a day after the senator was denied access to the Curtin detention centre in Western Australia where 157 Sri Lankan asylum seekers are being held after spending a month on an Australian Customs vessel.

Senator Hanson-Young says the leaked report is a "beat up" to distract attention from what is going on in Australia's detention facilities.

"It seems more (about) the government finding an excuse to keep politicians, advocates and lawyers out of detention centres than it is about the genuine issues facing people inside," she told ABC Radio on Thursday.

The senator denies "winding up" asylum seekers when visiting centres.

"I talk to asylum seekers about are the things they want to raise with me," she said, adding one of the key issues was keeping people in a state of calm and telling them not to give up hope.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison would not comment directly on the leaked report, referring to an earlier statement that said Senator Hanson-Young had been denied access to Curtin based on the "interests of the good management and safety of the centre".


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