Kamis, 28 Agustus 2014

Case against man accused of murdering girlfriend *full of holes* (ABC)

The case against a Canberra man accused of stabbing his partner to death is full of holes, the ACT Supreme Court has heard.

Alexander Vojneski, 31, is accused of murdering his girlfriend, by stabbing her multiple times in a frenzied attack at her Macgregor home in 2012.

The crown has outlined a circumstantial case alleging Vojneski attacked Paula Conlon, 30, in a rage after he became frustrated because he was not able to obtain drugs on credit.

But during closing statements, Vojneski's lawyer Jack Pappas told the jury there were substantial pieces missing from the forensic evidence.

He said his client had been an easy target for police who investigated Ms Conlon's death.

"What an easy target he remains. He has a long history of mental illness," he said.

"He was the deceased woman's boyfriend and they were involved in a rocky relationship.

"What we have is a case full of holes, some of them big holes, some of them small holes.

"Some policeman's theory is not enough to convict someone of murder."

Mr Pappas questioned the crown's assertion that Vojneski had flown into a rage the night of Ms Conlon's death.

He recounted evidence from a boy who boarded in Ms Conlon's home, who told the court the couple had been in a happy mood early that evening.

Mr Pappas also raised concern that some items worn by Vojneski the day after the death, including a shirt and shoes, had not been tested forensically.

He accused the prosecution of "moulding" the evidence.

The prosecution has argued it was significant that Vojneski had stopped ringing Ms Conlon the day after her death, despite texting and calling her repeatedly in the period beforehand.

But Mr Pappas said Vojneski had run out of credit on his phone.

The trial continues.


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