Rabu, 27 Agustus 2014

SES rescues people trapped by floodwaters on NSW north coast amid flashing flooding concerns (ABC)

Richmond Tweed SES team work in Lismore with a crane to remove a fallen tree.ABC Richmond Tweed SES team work in Lismore with a crane to remove a fallen tree.

People trapped in two vehicles surrounded by floodwaters have been rescued by the State Emergency Service (SES) on the New South Wales north coast.

Heavy rain battered the region on Wednesday.

SES spokesman Phil Campbell said a woman was rescued from floodwaters at Ballina and another group were trapped in a car at Maram Creek near Ballina.

He said there were concerns flash flooding could impact residents.

"In particular the towns of Ballina, Lismore and also Coffs Harbour, where localised flash flooding has been recorded," Mr Campbell said.

"We're also concerned about some main river flooding that may occur along the Bellingen River later on this evening which could isolate quite a number of properties in the upper Bellingen Valley."

On Wednesday evening the service had received more than 350 calls for help from Ballina and Lismore.

Most calls for help were for leaking roofs, minor property damage caused by fallen trees and sandbagging.

On Tuesday, heavy rain and widespread flooding created chaos for emergency services, with at least five rescues being carried out on the south coast.


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