Kamis, 28 Agustus 2014

Vic govt to act fast on mine fire report (AAP)

The Victorian government says it will move quickly to respond to the recommendations to come out of the inquiry into the Hazelwood mine fire that burned for 45 days.

On Friday, the board of inquiry will deliver a 400-page report on the blaze that cloaked the Victorian town of Morwell in smoke which included carcinogenic particulate matter.

Deputy Premier Peter Ryan said the government was conscious of the impact the blaze had had on the people of Morwell.

"We will respond to that as soon as we are able to," Mr Ryan said.

"We are conscious the people of Morwell in particular and the Latrobe Valley more generally went through a very very difficult time when that mine fire started on February 9."

The report follows a five-month inquiry that included four weeks of public hearings.

It is expected to be tabled in parliament on Tuesday.


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