Selasa, 19 Agustus 2014

Air search for three Qld fishermen (AAP)

A plane and a helicopter are joining the search for three people missing on a fishing boat off Townsville.

Authorities say the six-metre vessel failed to return from a trip on Tuesday, and an initial search by the coast guard filed to find those onboard.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority has directed a plane and a chopper to join the search on Wednesday.

A spokesman said there was no emergency beacon signal to guide the search effort.

Earlier police said the men made a call on Tuesday to say they'd run out of fuel.

A vehicle and trailer associated with the missing vessel have been found.

Police said the search was focused on the area from Cape Cleveland to Ross River.

Meanwhile, efforts are underway to rescue two men trapped on a vessel that ran aground near Fraser Island.

It's understood the vessel is intact, with no damage to the hull, and volunteer marine rescue crews are on their way to help the pair.

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