Senin, 04 Agustus 2014

Facebook folly ends Vic candidate*s hopes (AAP)

A Liberal candidate at November's Victorian election has quit after party officials were told of offensive posts on his Facebook page.

Jack Lyons was standing for the marginal seat of Bendigo West.

The former publican defended the comments by saying they were jokes and he hoped they did not offend anyone, News Limited reported.

In a statement, Liberal Party state director Damien Mantach said Mr Lyons had withdrawn his candidacy.

His comments were written as jokes and were posted in a closed Facebook page some years before he became a member of the Liberal Party, Mr Mantach told News Limited.

Mr Lyons was unavailable for comment on Monday night.

He is the second Liberal candidate to resign over social media posts.

Aaron Lane was the endorsed Liberal candidate for the upper house seat of Western Region for the November 29 election when he resigned last week over a series of crude tweets.

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