Minggu, 10 Agustus 2014

Homebuyers *unprotected* from bankrupt real estate agent Shane Snellgrove, commissioner warns (ABC)

Homebuyers and sellers are being warned not to deal with a bankrupt real estate agent operating in South Australia.

The state's Commissioner for Consumer Affairs, Dini Soulio, said Shane Snellgrove remains active despite having his registration cancelled in September and being declared bankrupt by the Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

"Mr Snellgove has continued to operate as a land agent unlicensed and has advertised properties on his website," he said.

Mr Soulio said people looking to buy or sell property should not deal with Mr Snellgrove because they might not be protected by the Land Agents Act.

"Consumer and Business Services is investigating the conduct of Mr Snellgrove and speaking to witnesses."

He said the maximum penalty for acting as a real estate agent while unlicensed was $20,000.

Mr Snellgrove was unavailable for comment.


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