Jumat, 01 Agustus 2014

Supreme Court judges snub public ceremony for Queensland*s new Chief Justice Tim Carmody (ABC)

A welcoming ceremony has been held for Queensland's new Chief Justice Tim Carmody, but no other Supreme Court judges attended.

Justice Carmody was sworn in at a private ceremony last month after his appointment was plagued by sustained criticism from the judiciary and legal fraternity.

Friday's public ceremony in the Banco Court in Brisbane marked the arrival of both Justice Carmody and new Supreme Court Justice Peter Flanagan.

It had been unclear how many senior legal figures would attend but the Justice Department said there was no obligation to attend.

But Justice Carmody and Justice Flanagan cut lonely figures on the bench as the other 25 Supreme Court judges did not attend, in what many consider was a major snub to the new Chief Justice.

In his address at the ceremony, Justice Carmody said his appointment was a great privilege and humbling responsibility.

He also said he would strive to build a strong working relationship with the legal fraternity.

Justice Carmody told the court whatever concerns or expressions in the past, he would be a fierce and formidable warrior to any threat to the court's independence.

He became emotional as he paid tribute to his family and said sorry to his wife that his appointment had caused her distress.

The president of the Bar Association, Shane Doyle, told those at the ceremony it was time to move on.

"Anyone appointed to that high office is of course to be accorded the respect and support of the community at large," he said.

"In the discharge of that office as Chief Justice, you will have the support and respect of the Bar Association and its members."


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