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Kathy Lin*s Triple *0* played in court (AAP)

Moments after discovering the battered bodies of her brother's family, Kathy Lin can allegedly be heard pleading with her husband in a Triple '0' call not to leave her.

In the series of calls played to the Supreme Court on Monday, Kathy can be heard screaming and crying while the operator tries to calm her down.

Asking "What's wrong? What's wrong" before telling her to "Stop screaming", Kathy cries "I'm not sure but maybe someone killed my brother's family".

It is during this fever pitch that the crown says she can also be heard pleading with her husband Robert Xie.

"You stay," she allegedly tells him in Cantonese crying, "I was in agony, in agony. I am more scared than you are", before he is heard driving off.

It's the crown case that Xie had his wife at the scene on July 18, 2009 because he knew she was in no danger.

He knew this, the crown says, because he was the one who had crept into her brother Min "Norman" Lin's home in Sydney's northwest in the early hours of July 18 and murdered him, his wife Yun "Lily" Li Lin, 44, their young sons Henry and Terry, and Lily's sister, Yun Bin "Irene" Lin, 39.

When Min Lin failed to turn up to work later that morning, Xie and Kathy went to their home and discovered the scene that prompted the first call at 9.47am.

But Xie's barrister Graham Turnbull SC questioned the validity of the crown's transcript of the panicked calls which are punctuated by high pitched screaming.

The court heard interpreter Albert Au had been called back to review his transcript after a clerk at the DPP was able to "pick up some more words" from the tape.

"You were asked to come in and see if you could hear them too isn't that right?" Mr Turnbull asked him.

"Some staff did say something to me yes," Mr Au replied, later adding they had heard something "dramatically different" to one another.

The trial continues.

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