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PM to lay wreath for Mumbai terror victims (AAP)

Prime minister Tony Abbott will pay his respects to the victims of Mumbai s 2008 terror attacks.AP Prime minister Tony Abbott will pay his respects to the victims of Mumbai's 2008 terror attacks.

He's in India to talk business but Tony Abbott will first take a moment in the country's busy financial hub to quietly remember the victims of Mumbai's 2008 terrorist attacks.

Mr Abbott on Thursday will lay a wreath at a hotel at the centre of the brazen attack that lasted days and left more than 160 dead and hundreds injured.

The world watched in horror as terrorists gunned down victims at train stations, detonated explosives across the city and fought police from inside the historic Taj Mahal Palace hotel on Mumbai's waterfront.

After paying his respects Mr Abbott will convene his delegation of Australian business leaders to discuss the trade and investment agenda at the heart of his two-day visit to the subcontinent.

The Abbott government is keen to exploit new economic opportunities with India under the first-term leadership of Narendra Modi.

The pro-business Hindu nationalist was elected prime minister in a landslide in May promising to reboot India's stalling economy and secure its energy needs.

India is Australia's fifth-largest export market but the government believes there's potential for improvement.

Mr Abbott will also visit Mumbai University on Thursday to launch India's part in the New Colombo Plan, a program sending Australian undergraduate students abroad.

There are 50,000 Indian students in Australia and education-related travel is worth $1.3 billion, but the government wants the exchange going both ways.

Mr Abbott will also pay homage to cricket - a mandatory gesture for any Australian prime minister in India - before the day is through.

The centrepiece of his visit will be a bilateral meeting with Mr Modi in New Delhi on Friday, where it's expected both leaders will announce a deal allowing Australia to sell uranium to India.


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