Rabu, 03 September 2014

Suspended NSW cop denied bail for robbery (AAP)

A suspended police officer and two other men accused of using capsicum spray in a violent $300,000 robbery have been denied bail in a Sydney court.

Ashur Oshana, a 29-year-old senior constable who lives at home with his parents, has been suspended without pay and could be jailed with his co-accused for up to 20 years for armed robbery in company.

Phillip Truong and Jamal Tashman, both 29, were also arrested at Cabramatta and charged with armed robbery after being brought down by heavily-armed police following Monday's hold-up.

The men are also facing three counts of larceny for stealing registration plates.

All three were denied bail at Campbelltown Local Court on Thursday as the court found their release would pose an unacceptable risk to the community's safety.

Magistrate Ian Guy also said there was a risk the men wouldn't appear at future court appearances, despite several members of their family offering "substantial" sureties.



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