Rabu, 03 September 2014

Sex offender Robert John Fardon was planning escape to NSW, Supreme Court hears (ABC)

An associate of Robert John Fardon phoned a corrective services employee and alleged the convicted sex offender was planning to flee to New South Wales, the Supreme Court has heard.

Fardon was arrested in Brisbane on Tuesday night over an alleged breach of the conditions of a supervision order.

The 65-year-old has been living in community detention at Wacol in south-west Brisbane since being released in December last year.

The Supreme Court heard the corrective services employee told another staff member about his concerns, who then filed an affidavit before Fardon was arrested.

The manager of the Wacol community detention precinct, Andrew Wilson, was cross-examined by Fardon's lawyer Dan O'Gorman.

Mr Wilson told the court an associate of Fardon's and fellow resident, Robert Riddler, had phoned him and said Fardon had told him he was frustrated by a pending legal matter.

Fardon allegedly told Riddler he had up to $2,000 and was planning to drive across the border to New South Wales.

Mr Wilson said Fardon did not have any pending legal case and Riddler's information was reminiscent of Fardon's escape in 2007.

Mr O'Gorman argued the allegation that his client planned to escape was based on hearsay, as it came through at least three sources.

Fardon was remanded in custody and was due to reappear in court in a fortnight.


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