Selasa, 02 September 2014

Adelaide homes targeted in separate shootings in less than 24 hours (ABC)

Three people have escaped uninjured after a gunman opened fire at a house in Adelaide overnight.

A number of bullets were fired at the property on Lincoln Avenue, Plympton, at about 12.30am, in what police have said was a targeted attack.

A woman had been arrested.

It followed a similar shooting at a home on Yorke Terrace, Salisbury, just after 8.30am on Tuesday.

Three adults were inside the home when a man armed with a pistol fired a shot into the property.

No-one was injured but detectives from Elizabeth Local Service Area investigating the incident do not believe it was a random incident.

A police spokesperson said a vehicle was seen to leave the scene at speed and detectives were following "positive" lines of inquiry.

"A shot being fired into any premise is a concern and should be a concern to the public," he said.

"Firearms is something that should be regulated and controlled in the community.

"We believe the incident was targeted and not random, and don't believe anybody else living in that area should have any alarm in relation to this incident."

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