Selasa, 02 September 2014

Geoff Shaw "circus" must end: opposition (AAP)

The Victorian Labor opposition says the Geoff Shaw circus must end, but it is yet to be seen whether the rogue MP will dominate the agenda three months out from the state election.

Mr Shaw "humbly and sincerely" apologised when he returned to parliament on Tuesday after an 11-day suspension for misusing his taxpayer-funded vehicle and fuel card for his hardware business.

He told parliament he took full responsibility for breaching the MP code of conduct.

"I understand that this matter has been a distraction for which I am sincerely sorry," he said.

Mr Shaw's return to the Legislative Assembly means he regains his balance of power status.

Opposition Leader Daniels Andrews - who has called for Mr Shaw's expulsion - said the "circus" must end.

"This circus needs to end. There are so many more important things to talk about than Geoff Shaw," he said.

The government motion which suspended Mr Shaw called for the apology to be genuine or he'd face expulsion.

Government spokesman Mark Lee said any reaction to the apology was a matter for the parliament, rather than the government.

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