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Hockey*s budget comment miffs WA premier (AAP)

WA Premier Colin Barnett (pic) has said Joe Hockey s comments about the WA budget are unfortunate.AAP WA Premier Colin Barnett (pic) has said Joe Hockey's comments about the WA budget are unfortunate.

Joe Hockey's claim Western Australia is suffering from poor budget management is "very unfortunate", Premier Colin Barnett says.

The Treasurer made the comment after Member for Pearce, Christian Porter complained to a joint party room meeting on Tuesday that WA was not getting its fair share of GST.

Mr Hockey added the state had a poor track record on privatisation.

While Mr Barnett was unhappy with the comments, he was pleased federal MPs from WA had raised the issue.

"Joe Hockey's comments, in my view, were very unfortunate," the Premier told reporters on Wednesday.

"However, we will not get excited about it.

"I was glad the Prime Minister intervened and showed some leadership on the issue." He said the GST had "degenerated into simply an Australian government tax on WA."

"It has nothing to do with fiscal equalisation anymore.

"We've always said that Western Australia was prepared to subsidise the weaker states, as indeed we have been historically, but the degree of subsidies has never been of this scale in Australian history.

"It is weakening the Australian federation."

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