Selasa, 02 September 2014

Call for action to stop new Vic mine fire (AAP)

Community groups fear that unless the recommendations of a report into Victoria's $100 million coalmine fire are quickly implemented another fire is possible this summer.

The report, tabled in parliament on Tuesday, found that not enough was done to prevent the coalmine fire and residents should have been told earlier to get out of the town that was blanketed by toxic smoke and ash for 45 days.

Latrobe Valley Support Network president Simon Ellis says a recent flare-up in the area has reignited fears of another fire as summer is fast approaching.

"We're three months away from summer, we already had a flare-up only a couple of weeks ago," he said.

"The last thing we want now is summer coming around the corner, (a) mine fire again and them saying: 'Oops sorry, we don't know what to do."

Voices of the Valley president Wendy Farmer said the recommendations regarding mine remediation were disappointing and disused parts of the mine needed to be rehabilitated to ensure that these did not pose a fire risk.

"We need to know precisely what is being done to ensure that this disaster can never happen again," she said.

The government has said it supports recommendations directed at it and mine operator GDF Suez says it has already undertaken a number of measures to minimise the risk of another fire.

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